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Activist Santa reaches Pungesti

The activists from Bucharest and Romania organised a surprise for the brave tortured kids of Pungesti, who were prevented from singing carols and having a Christmas party at school. Armed with hundreds of tones of donations (clothes, toys, books etc), plus 450 bags of sweets for all the kids aged 1 to 14, we organised Santa’s Caravan, who left Bucharest on 27th of December.
We had arranged a private hall (something like a ballroom) for the event and everything seemed ok, until we got there and found out that, due to the huge pressures (from the mayor who has beaten up a 12 years old kid on the Cristmas night), the owner of the ballroom decided to drop the reservation he made for our event. We were therefore forced to deliver all the presents in the camp where people were on hunger strike, in the cold and the mud.

Yet the joy of the beautiful, brave and intelligent kids of Pungesti brought tears to our eyes and we forgot everything when seeing the joy of the kids who have seen Santa for the first times, in many of the cases.

We thank everyone who has contributed to making this happen! We have showed that solidarity is the way to overcome fear and major obstacles!

United, we shall win!

Meanwhile, some brave Pungesti locals are still on hunger strike, who has begun on the 23rd of December. Some of the activists have dropped it, since they need to stay mobile, ready for the emergencies that surface every moment, every hour.

And another fresh piece of information: the father of the boy who was beaten up by the mayor received money from the mayor and dropped his complaint…santa


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