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Hunger strike status in Pungesti (29 december 2013)

Despite the news that spread on the 27th of December that the hunger strike was interrupted until the beginning of the new year, the hunger strike still goes on. Some of the activists have given up on it, since they had to go and organise things, as new rigs are erected in new parts of Romania, without any notice (such as Botorca, Sibiu country and Comandau, Covasna county), 13 locals from Pungesti and 2 activists from outside, aged 30 to 59, still continue this form of extreme protesting against fracking.


“We feel weak, the weather conditions are quite hard, the overnight cold is very acute – they are all sleeping in a summer tent – we are all decided to hang on. The older locals who no longer resisted, will get back to the hunger strike after the holidays, together with the activists who have now given up the hunger strike. They have gone to various parts of the country, to discuss and plan further protests, but they will be back to reenter the hunger strike, together with locals from surrounding municipalities, such as Ivanesti, Garceni, as well as activists from the whole country.”



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