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A paralell between the Romanian dictatorship overthrown in 1989 and the one installed in December 2013, starting in Pungesti

A wonderfully made video collage that points out the similarities between the bloody Romanian Revolution in 1989, when the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu has declared the necessity estate and ordered the military forces to shoot, and Pungesti, where by a 21st century dictator, embraced by the West and especially by the USA, the same necessity situation was declared, allowing the military police (the riot police) to do horrific things. Ok, they did not shoot, but terror can be worse without weaponry, if it is applied from the psyops manuals used by the American intelligence to defeat the antifracking insurgency and you add up the Romanian intelligence own methods, famous for their violence during the Iron Curtain times.
Pungesti, December 2013, we see warfare methods of totalitarian Communist and Capitalist regimes shaking hands to create the most pervert type of dictatorship: the 21st century dictatorship within the EU, with the approval of the rest of the Member States.

We shall never forget Pungesti, 2013. The world has the duty to remember this incredible attack to Democracy and Human Rights tight in the middle (not geographical, but still) of the European Union.
Fracking and extreme Capitalism, modern day neocollonial types of occupation have made it possible. The dirty hands of Chevron have become even dirtier after Pungesti.

Romania enters 2014 occupied by Chevron and the USA, with the complicity of a deeply corrupted political class that has sold the soul of its people for their own benefits. The list of the occupiers will become more obvious and much longer in the year to come, when more and more Chevron-like corporations and purpose-made joint ventures will pop-up everywhere to take control of the last ressources of Romania.

We cannot wish ourselves a happy new 2014, we know this year will be a year of dramatic fight.
We wish you all and ourselves a frackfree, really democratic new year, as we discovered that these are the most precious goods a country could have, once we lost them.



  1. Sarah says:

    NO!!! The ROMANIAN GOVERNMENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MURDER!!!!! PLEASE STOP WITH THIS MISINFORMATION!!!!!!! This is an excellent article, but please, rewrite the title. The Romanian authorities are wholely responsible for this, NOT Chevron who was INVITED by the Ro govt and didn’t just gatecrash as they had nothing better to do.
    I understand that in blaming the Ro govt and local authorities means admitting a massive error when it came to voting these rats in, but PLEASE be honest and PLEASE stop diverting the attention to what SHOULD be a spotlight on the failings, incompetnce and corruption of Romanian politicians!!!

    • Frack Off says:

      I agree with you on this, Chevron has a part of the blame, but the main ir-responsible for everything are the reds still infiltrated in the political structures. They are about to fall down and made responsible for all their crimes, sooner than they think. Chevron also must be hold responsibile for conspiracy against the international laws and complicity to political abuses, they are not innocent at all in this story. Have a great new year, we hope you’ll be following this blog !

  2. Sarah says:

    oops, sorry – the above comment was meant for the ‘home’ page with the big black banner starting with ‘DEMOCRACY IN ROMANIA’, not relating to your article. Sorry, sorry!!

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