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The hunger strike at ground 0 of Bucharest, keeps going. Despite the cold. last night we had -8, with very strong wind, feeling like -20 or so.
Wonderful people are hanging on to this fight. Respect to Daniel Culcer, from Bucharest, who is holding strong. Together with the people on hunger strike, there are also the wonderful people who are participating to this wonderful gesture of courage, humainty and solidarity.
These people have really taken this antifracking fight to the next level. We know by now that we have a bunch of people that are so decided to go all the way to stop fracking from happening in Romania. In a pacifist way.
Despite the horrific news coming up from the field, wehre activists discover new and new rigs, some very close to Bucharest, that are apparently fracking (in Cioranii Mari, Prahova county, where the water was contaminated and the people are complaining about small earthquakes), this incredible solidarity and courage is giving us hope every day that WE SHALL BAN FIGHTING IN ROMANIA!!!

We are all in deep tears of solidarity with all these people.

From today’s cleanup action at the hunger strike site against fracking in Bucharest. Snow storm, freezing cold. Yet solidarity and warmth in the hearts of the people there! Deep respect for them! Daniel Culcer is holding strong!


And a video with the cleanup action yesterday, at the hunger strike site in Bucharest. Love and respect to all these beautiful people who have gone out of their way to maintain this sacred place of our antifracking protest!

The creative people protesting against fracking in Bucharest are using whatever available material to send out a clear antifrack message!



Most of the rigs on this map have been lately discovered by citizens and they are mostly feared to be for fracking. Most of them have been erected without any labelling, without displaying an information plate about the project, the society running it. Further more, the seismic testing activities started in many places in Romania without any papers from the environmental protection agencies. Romania has turned into a Wild…east…
We fear the worst for the time when the weather will get better and we will organise teams of rig-hunters (cartographers).
No media coverage on these issues!


Once we have found out that OMV Petrom is secretly fracking / or preparing to frack in Romania (due to the accidentally discovered rig in the county of Buzau, the village Scutelnici), we have announced that we will boycott all the OMV and Petrom gas stations and the activists from Brasov, who discovered the rig, announced an event tomorrow morning at their gas station in Brasov, where the activists are planning to give out flyers and explain people that OMV Petrom is secretly fracking Romania. They have contacted the activists right away to ask them about the event. Then they have denied having any rig in Scutelnici!!! The rig is there and it’s soooo big and so obviously for fracking purposes.
When they were asked why they don’t have banners with clear explanations about the site in Scutelnici and why is the rig so close to the village (around 250 m from the village), they have said that they are respecting the regulations in place…therefore in fact admitting that they do have the rig in Scutelnici, after having denied it…
Further more, an email from OMV Petrom to the activist Hetti Benedek tried to explain that they are only worlking on conventional oil and gas operations…Of course, nobody believes them anymore. After having the rig analysed by US specialists, we have had a confirmation that this is a fracking rig. They are preparing for fracking in Scutelnici…so, while we were trying to prevent the rig in Pungesti, they were filling the Romanian countryside with rigs, by lying the locals that they are for conventional oil and gas or even telling them that it’s connected to wind mill projects, taking advantage of the lack of invormation of the elderly people living in some remote areas of Romania.

We discover every days news evidences that they have been secretly fracking or are just about to frack in various areas of Romania.

The fight will be much, much hard than we have imagined. They have started much earlier and at a higher speed than we have imagined

Peace and quiet at Izvoarele? Don’t think so, despite the cover up.

The troubles of the villagers are far from over, although it’s been 2 months since the last media reports on the village Izvoarele from Galați County, Romania. Still only a few voices from among the villagers speak about what is happening there. Many locals, including the priest, have radically changes their attitude and don’t wish to comment on the subject anymore.
The earthquake swarms that have started in September last year are no longer mentioned, despite the fact that they are still happening. As some villagers report, the last earthquake where “the earth rises and sinks as if it boils under one’s feet, and from deep down one can hear rumbling” occurred last week on Sunday.
Even more odd is the fact that the last registered quake on the web page of The Romanian Earth Physics Institute happened on the 31st of October 2013, 05:17:27 o’clock, on the following coordinates: 2.5 1 45.55N 27.91E Moldova, Galaţi.
Recently one of the women from Izvoarele found a hole of about 70 centimeters diameter in her kitchen. Every now and then, water rises from the hole.
One more weird “natural” phenomenon is the sudden change in the local water’s qualities: the temperature as well as the chemical composition. The villagers keep on drinking that water from the wells, even if it’s warm and tastes bad. A lady accused that some red itchy spots appeared on her skin and that she is not the only one to have them. There should be a water filtering station there, to make the water good for drinking, but it “disappeared” once the televisions left the village.
Illegal deeds done by the authorities, together with unkept promises add up to all these issues. The people fear that the village will sink, they want to know what is happening and are unhappy that nobody explains clearly what the situation is about.

Meanwhile their house’s walls crack and crumble and the insurance companies refuse to pay them compensation, as according to The Romanian Earth Physics Institute, the earthquakes were under 3.5 degrees on Richter scale and “are incapable of producing damage.”
Many complain that their lands, that had been leased, have been granted to the OMV-Petrom oil company by the mayor, without prior being asked for consent, although the lease was for totally different purposes. Since they haven’t been receiving any money from their leases, many sued the mayor in the Court of Law.
We have discovered some suspicious concrete containers at a nearby extraction point called Schela, where hundreds or even thousands of probes have been extracting oil for over 25 years. We don’t know what those containers are used for (see photo).
Learn more about the current situation in Izvoarele from the video report above (to be translated into English soon)—211048

Translated from Romanian by the Epoch Times team:—211048


Day 32 of hunger strike for Pungesti and against fracking in Romania. Bucharest, ground 0! Wind, cold. People wouldn’t move. The solidarity net created by Sandu, the man who was on hunger strike for 22 days is still there and growing. We have set up the information point there and we can barely wait for the weather to get a bit better to be able to properly set up an informing campaign. We will apply for a permit to do this with the City Hall, yet we are aware that we might have problems and we won’t be able to get. We will cry out loud if such a thing will happen.
Respect to everyone who’s staying out there in the cold! Love and warmth to everyone participating in this wonderful movement that started 32 days ago and who’s gonna be kept alive at any cost!



A responsible mother in the city of Cluj, informing the passers-by about fracking and about all the rigs that keep popping up every day around Romania, without people being informed or by simply lying them that they are for conventional gas! She has been protesting on the streets of Cluj every day during the last 2 weeks! Today was her first time using a speaking tuve for the first time and telling the passers by, through rain and cold, while holding her little child in her port-bebe and while the other was playing around…The passers by would not stop to listen…they better do it before it’s too late!

The mothers of Romania unite to fight fracking!!!


protest comisie3

protest comisie4

Today, 15.00 to 18.00 PM, the group of Romanian citizens against fracking from Bucharest will be staging a protest in front of the Perm Representation of the European Commission in Bucharest. This is part of a wider action of protest of the European Citizens against the totally undemocratic, intransparent and irresponsible developments in Brussels aiming at replicating, at European level, 10 years after, of the “Halliburton loophole”, which made it possible for the fracking industry to set off in the USA. The Halliburton loophole allowed the fracking companies to be exempted from the Clean Water act, Clean soil act, Clean air act and other environmental regulations touching upon the issue of fracking. Without this loophole, no fracking would have been possible in the USA. 10 years after, the European Commission, giving in to the tremeNdous lobby pressure of the O&G industry, has decided, going against the results of the public consultation of the European Commission – 64% of those who took part in the consultation were against any type of fracking development in the EU- , to create just a set of non-binding recommendations, that have no legal power for the member States. This goes actually even against the initial promise of the European Commission to draft a legal framework for fracking to happen in “civilised conditions”, which anyway goes against the results of the public consultation held in the winter of 2013.

This also comes in the framework of a very coordinated attempt to slash the amendments regarding fracking in the new text of the EIA directive, which would have made it harder for the industry to frack Europe. This happened at the December Council, when member states decided to water down the EIA amendments regarding fracking. The final text of the new EIA directive will be voted by the ENVI Committee of the European parliament most probably on the 12th of FEbruary, after it was scheduled initIally on the 22nd of January as well, together with the launch of the non-binding Commission’s recommendations regarding fracking.

This worrying developments have made the European citizens and NGOs and action groups fighting fracking all over the European Union to react in a coordinated, vocal way. They have written a protest letter aimed at all the European institutions, who are all responsible for this situation, letter which was signed by roughly 300 NGOs and action groups all over the European Union, who are backed by a massive number of concerned non-attached citizens.
Here the link to the open letter:

The protest held at the Perm Rep of the European Commission in Bucharest is just one of the protests staged with this worrying occasion. Other protests will be held in Brussels, Dublin, Berlin.

On this occasion, the protesters will be also handing in a letter concerning the incredible Human Rights and democracy rules breaches in Pungesti.

We will be asking the European Commission to ban fracking in the EU ASAP! Fracking causes proven damages to the environment which have by far a cross-border impact, what’s why action to ban it is necessary at the EU level!

Here’s the link to the protest event on Facebook:

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protest comisie2