Frack Off Romania



The Bucharest fracktivists and fighters for a clean environment and civil rights have spent the passage into the new years together with Sandu, the man that has been protesting by means of hunger striking against fracking and the abuses of the riot police and of the Romanian state in Pungesti. We gathered more than 100 people and we shared all our energy and hopes for a frackfree 2014 and a year when our deeply corrupted politicians will disappear from the scene. For all of us, it was the most special way to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Yet, we were far from feeling happy, bearing in mind everything happening in Romania and in the world concerning fracking and the suffering of the communities worldwide. We know we have a huge task for the year to come, as more and more rigs are being erected in the middle of nowhere, without prior information of the community, some deep in the heart of pristine forests.
Meanwhile, 10 people are still on hunger strike in Pungesti and more will join them again after the New Year!
The mainstream media is largely ignoring the extreme protest of Sandu Popescu and that of the people in Pungesti.

hunger strike pungesti

One can say that fracking has taken off in Romania, unfortunatelly. We have a huge task ahead of us, but we know that we have to achieve a FRACKING BAN in Romania, at all costs! The people fighting it are very decided and getting more and more every day!

No politician has come to talk to the people and we are facing a huge rift between the politicians and the civil society in Romania, on the first day of 2014. That will never be filled. Fracking has exposed the monstruosity of the new Romanian government, that one year ago was campaigning against fracking and cyanide mining and after only a few months, is going against massive part of the Romanian society to pursue this insane project of fracking whole Romania (70% of the Romanian land was licensed for fracking).

In solidarity with all the fights against fracking in the world, one conclusion is clear: we have to join forces and fight it globally, as the frackers are acting at a global scale, for a frackfree 2014!

hunger strike


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