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Today, 15.00 to 18.00 PM, the group of Romanian citizens against fracking from Bucharest will be staging a protest in front of the Perm Representation of the European Commission in Bucharest. This is part of a wider action of protest of the European Citizens against the totally undemocratic, intransparent and irresponsible developments in Brussels aiming at replicating, at European level, 10 years after, of the “Halliburton loophole”, which made it possible for the fracking industry to set off in the USA. The Halliburton loophole allowed the fracking companies to be exempted from the Clean Water act, Clean soil act, Clean air act and other environmental regulations touching upon the issue of fracking. Without this loophole, no fracking would have been possible in the USA. 10 years after, the European Commission, giving in to the tremeNdous lobby pressure of the O&G industry, has decided, going against the results of the public consultation of the European Commission – 64% of those who took part in the consultation were against any type of fracking development in the EU- , to create just a set of non-binding recommendations, that have no legal power for the member States. This goes actually even against the initial promise of the European Commission to draft a legal framework for fracking to happen in “civilised conditions”, which anyway goes against the results of the public consultation held in the winter of 2013.

This also comes in the framework of a very coordinated attempt to slash the amendments regarding fracking in the new text of the EIA directive, which would have made it harder for the industry to frack Europe. This happened at the December Council, when member states decided to water down the EIA amendments regarding fracking. The final text of the new EIA directive will be voted by the ENVI Committee of the European parliament most probably on the 12th of FEbruary, after it was scheduled initIally on the 22nd of January as well, together with the launch of the non-binding Commission’s recommendations regarding fracking.

This worrying developments have made the European citizens and NGOs and action groups fighting fracking all over the European Union to react in a coordinated, vocal way. They have written a protest letter aimed at all the European institutions, who are all responsible for this situation, letter which was signed by roughly 300 NGOs and action groups all over the European Union, who are backed by a massive number of concerned non-attached citizens.
Here the link to the open letter:

The protest held at the Perm Rep of the European Commission in Bucharest is just one of the protests staged with this worrying occasion. Other protests will be held in Brussels, Dublin, Berlin.

On this occasion, the protesters will be also handing in a letter concerning the incredible Human Rights and democracy rules breaches in Pungesti.

We will be asking the European Commission to ban fracking in the EU ASAP! Fracking causes proven damages to the environment which have by far a cross-border impact, what’s why action to ban it is necessary at the EU level!

Here’s the link to the protest event on Facebook:

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