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Peace and quiet at Izvoarele? Don’t think so, despite the cover up.

The troubles of the villagers are far from over, although it’s been 2 months since the last media reports on the village Izvoarele from Galați County, Romania. Still only a few voices from among the villagers speak about what is happening there. Many locals, including the priest, have radically changes their attitude and don’t wish to comment on the subject anymore.
The earthquake swarms that have started in September last year are no longer mentioned, despite the fact that they are still happening. As some villagers report, the last earthquake where “the earth rises and sinks as if it boils under one’s feet, and from deep down one can hear rumbling” occurred last week on Sunday.
Even more odd is the fact that the last registered quake on the web page of The Romanian Earth Physics Institute happened on the 31st of October 2013, 05:17:27 o’clock, on the following coordinates: 2.5 1 45.55N 27.91E Moldova, Galaţi.
Recently one of the women from Izvoarele found a hole of about 70 centimeters diameter in her kitchen. Every now and then, water rises from the hole.
One more weird “natural” phenomenon is the sudden change in the local water’s qualities: the temperature as well as the chemical composition. The villagers keep on drinking that water from the wells, even if it’s warm and tastes bad. A lady accused that some red itchy spots appeared on her skin and that she is not the only one to have them. There should be a water filtering station there, to make the water good for drinking, but it “disappeared” once the televisions left the village.
Illegal deeds done by the authorities, together with unkept promises add up to all these issues. The people fear that the village will sink, they want to know what is happening and are unhappy that nobody explains clearly what the situation is about.

Meanwhile their house’s walls crack and crumble and the insurance companies refuse to pay them compensation, as according to The Romanian Earth Physics Institute, the earthquakes were under 3.5 degrees on Richter scale and “are incapable of producing damage.”
Many complain that their lands, that had been leased, have been granted to the OMV-Petrom oil company by the mayor, without prior being asked for consent, although the lease was for totally different purposes. Since they haven’t been receiving any money from their leases, many sued the mayor in the Court of Law.
We have discovered some suspicious concrete containers at a nearby extraction point called Schela, where hundreds or even thousands of probes have been extracting oil for over 25 years. We don’t know what those containers are used for (see photo).
Learn more about the current situation in Izvoarele from the video report above (to be translated into English soon)—211048

Translated from Romanian by the Epoch Times team:—211048


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