Frack Off Romania



A group of people from Barlad, a town close to Pungesti, that has staged the biggest antifracking (pure) protests in Romania (more than 7 protests with up to 10.000 people , despite the population of it being around 60.000 inhabitants), are protesting against fracking every day, for the past 5 months, in front of the Town Hall.
Protests held everyday in various places of Romania. Yet no one comes to talk to the people. We are living post-democratic times, which is, even for people who have lived under the most insane Communist regimes behind the Iron Curtain, very, very hard to stand. Most would say it’s almost as bad as back then and many already say it’s much worse than back then. Fact is that speaking out loud, preaching to a mob that has been totally brainwashed by the excessive (scandal) media consumption and in front of institutions that are definitely there to protect just the big investors, who have bought the whole state aparatus, is as bad as not being able to speak out at all.

Respect to all the people who through wind, snow, cold, protest every day!

The people of Barlad are not the only ones protesting every day for the past 5 months, there are also the people of Ploiesti, the oil and gas capital of Romania, a place where Sandu Popescu, the man who was on hunger strike for 22 days, lives and actively participates in these daily protests.

Meanwhile, new rigs appear (are discovered) on our map, especially in the Southern part of Romania, on the perimeters of OMV Petrom (the Austrian big company who has bought the Romanian oil and gas giant in a transaction that was a massive fraud and a big theft and sabotage of the national economy…yet OMV Petrom is right now the company with the biggest profit in Romania). They will all deny that they intend to do fracking and that they are just looking for conventional gas, but today we found a blatant evidence from a TV show from November 2012, when Mark Gitenstein, the ex-ES Ambassador to Bucharest stated that 90% of the licensed areas min Romania (that’s around 70%!!! of the whole country) is meant for fracking purposes!



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