Frack Off Romania



Today, under freezing temperatures (-10 C degrees), the people of the town of Vaslui, the residence of Vaslui county, where Pungesti lies, gathered for a antifracking meeting. They were joined by protesters from Pungesti and other two municipalities (Puiesti and Bacesti) where Chevron is also about to start operating.
In Bacesti, despite the bad weather or on purpuse, to use the bad weather, last night more trucks came to the Cheron site, where they have already started cleaning up the and preparing the site where the rig will be erected. In the case of Bacesti, the land was bought by the secretary of the mayor, when he found out the exact location of the rig. So the situation is more or less similar to that of Pungesti. The mayor of Bacesti, who last spring was trying to show the activists that he cares about the locals and that he will respect their will, has made a “U”-turn and is now totally in favour of fracking. During the “public” debates held in Vaslui (they were supposed to be held in Bacesti, not 80 km away, in the county residence) he has organised a team of “boys” whou would violently shout to cover the arguments brought by those opposing fracking.

In Puiesti, Chevron got its environmental permit and is awaiting for the building permit, which will not be delayed, for sure. This despite a massive opposition from the local community and this time, by the local elected persons. In Puiesti, unlike the two other places, the mayor and the members of the local council are all against fracking. They have issued two decisions to ban fracking in their municipality.

In Puiesti, Chevron organised a “public” debate, which was cosidered a “succes” by Chevron, despite the very tense atmosphere and the people constantly chanting “The thieves, the thieves”. This happened on the 19th of December. It was all a pure mockery at the idea of “public debate”.

Massive opposition is expected from both these municipalities: Bacesti and Puiesti.



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