Frack Off Romania




Another unlawful action headed by Prospectiuni SA. Used to deal with the poor villagers in Africa, Tender is using the same methods in Romania: enter in full force without proper permissions on people’s properties, bring a bunch of thugs dressed in private security uniforms to frighten the locals, control by force the villages, the roads, the local authorities, pay everybody dirt-cheap or, most likely, not at all and pay very little taxes to the government. This is the harsh, unspoken reality in Romania that is spreading like wildfire from village to village.

Corporate mobsters like Ovidiu Tender, one of the mafia barons of Timisoara, are not only allowed and encouraged but also promoted as distinguished business entrepreneurs by the Romanian government. The daily trampling over people’s rights coupled with a continuous political crises will soon turn Romania’s fragile democracy into a veritable totalitarian state with strong mobster tendencies. The constant assault on the rights of the citizens began long time ago but now there is a soul-crushing acceleration and determination orchestrated by a profoundly corrupted government. Blind and deaf to what’s going on in the country, Bucharest’s political elite is trying to distract with squalid pseudo-events from the political arena.

The Romanian farmers all over the country are invaded by Ovidiu Tender’s hoodlums and have their constitutional rights ignored and trampled on again, and again, and again for many months since last year. The villagers live in constant fear, the elderly are clubbed down on the streets where they’ve used to take a stroll and be respectfully greeted, the kids suffer panic attacks instead of playing joyfully, the mothers and fathers are chocking in tears and anger.

While the recent splitting-orgy in the government’s ruling coalition [link #1 at comments] has the media preoccupied, while the government reps chant falsely the tune of democracy at the European Council, all this time the farmers from Buzau, Neamt, Sibiu, Mures, Arad, Timis, Prahova, Gorj, Mures, Dobrogea, Iasi, Maramures counties are pushed, shoved, bashed, choked, insulted and terrorized by Ovidiu Tender’s company and fined and sued by the Romanian Government.

Do they expect the same farmers to vote for them (again) at the upcoming elections? How will they convince the same people they’ve robbed of their dignity to give them the right to represent them? The same people pegged as ignorant farmers by the elite in Bucharest? How?

Nitwits or swindlers? Even though there are good indications of a nice percentage of nitwits in the Romanian government [link #2 at comments] the swindlers and their goons prevail. They’ve screwed up repeatedly, but they’ve always won an election and have been blessed by the EU and the EC each and every time in the name of democracy. But it’s different this time. They’ve pushed the limit and people have had enough. I just see the Romanian farmers ask just like Michael Moore once did: “Dude, where’s my country?”

Here is the article (translated & original) that ignited Raw’s response:

Geological survey in a Buzau County village. Residents protest against trespassing
February 25, 2014 18:31 (updated February 25, 2014, 7:33 p.m.)

Scandal in the village Cârligu Mare, Buzau County, where villagers are outraged about the illegal methods employed by a prospecting company to identify gas deposits on their properties.

People are angry with Prospectiuni SA Company who trespass on villagers’ private properties without consent. The farmers’ gardens are full of electrical cables and marking dynamite stakes, while employees of a security company hired by Prospectiuni SA walk the streets of the village weaving their bludgeons and threatening the locals.

Some villagers cut the cables and demanded clarification from the authorities. The authorities washed their hands of any responsibility stating that it’s the duty of the prospecting company to properly inform the locals.

However, the same Authorities confirmed the right of Prospectiuni SA to conduct exploration work in the area since they’ve won auction for that territory. Prospectiuni SA presented all the legal paperwork to the local authorities and the Mayor’s office of Cârligu Mare gave them a verbal permission to conduct work in the area as well as access to public roads.

A press release from ROMGAZ reiterates that local villagers must be informed by the hired prospecting company, in this case, Prospectiuni SA:

“(…) the objective of the work is not related to shale gas, aiming to be only the location of the ground surface areas corresponding to conventional hydrocarbon accumulations for possible new exploitation endeavours (…). According to the contract, the provider [Prospectiuni SA] will comply with the environmental protection laws and regulations and will gain access to work areas with the lawful consent of the owners.”

The village of Cârligu Mare is part of a larger area where ROMGAZ, one the national gas producers, has a concession agreement.


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