Frack Off Romania



Yesterday, a group of Romanians gathered at the UK Embassy in Bucharest to protest against the atrocities of the Manchester Police against the protectors. We were escorted by a large number of riot policemen and disturbed by a violent lady who had mental problems or was just pretending just to disturb our protest (one of our colleagues saw the riot policeman making signs to the “peacemaker” from the riot policeman behind to let her keep spoiling our moment (we could barely deliver our message).
Simultaneously, another protest took place in Pungesti, also in solidarity with the Barton Moss community, whose pain they are the first to understand.

At the same time, a group of the Rosia Montana London traveled to Barton Moss to show solidarity and they were overwhelmed by what they have seen there.
Here some pictures from the action:

The text of the letter that was read out and that will be sent to the UK Embassy in UK.

“We gathered here to spontaneously protest against the brutality of the Manchester police against the citizens of Barton Moss, who have been peacefully protesting against fracking in their community, which has been approved by the local council without any consultation and consent of the community.
We protest against the excessive brutality used against peaceful protesters, old men, children, pregnant women. What has been going on for months now and especially lately in Barton Moss is an incredible disgrace for the British and European democracy, who are fussing around the world as being models to be imposed to other nations around the world. Is this the democracy Europe and the UK want to impose to other countries? Shame, shame, shame on you Cameron and British government, together with the British monarchy, who is not doing anything to prevent this incredible situation. Barton Moss is showing us that the British and European democracy have been knelt down. And this is done by fracking, frackers, police and a government, where the practice of the revolving doors between politics and the oil and gas industry is common practice.

We protest against the use of excessive force of the police against peaceful citizens acting in self-defence (as the court has ruled in the case of the Balcombe protesters), thus defending their water, air, land and health, their LIFE, in fact. We protest against the police being transformed into a security company defending the interests of a private company. The police should be there to defend its citizens against this organized crime that is represented by fracking, not to defend the criminals against the ones that they should be defending, actually those paying their salaries! This is a very dangerous development for the European and British democracy!

We denounce the fracturing of the very basis of democratic values due to the arrival of (high volume) fracking in Europe, this extreme technology to extract unconventional fuels. We are protesting in solidarity with all the communities under assault by oil and gas (and in general, in the extractive industry), helped by the police and militarized forces, up to the point of calling the martial state for entire regions. We protest against the capturing of the state (and of the EU institutions) by the aggressive lobby of the industry, that has reached up tot the most important positions in various countries where fracking is pursued, notably UK an Romania, where the new Energy Minister is a former manager of the biggest oil and gas company in the country, OMV Petrom.

We protest against projects using high volume fracking in the UK, in Romania, in Europe and in the whole world! Solidarity with Barton Moss and UK against fracking and against an irresponsible government, ecocidal, such as the Cameron government, who has been also at the forefront of the EU being driven away from the taming of the industry via tougher regulations for fracking through an enhanced EIA directive. This irresponsible behaviour of promoting fracking (in its wildest, unregulated form) is putting at risk the life and the public health on the British and Irish islands.

Stop fracking Barton Moss, stop fracking Europe, stop fracking the world!

Stop hydraulic fracking, stop fracking our democracy!

Video: An example of blatant police brutality from March, the 13th, 2014:
PROTEST IN BARTON MOSS Yesterday, in Barton Moss, there was a massive protest of the local community against the proposed fracking project, protest joined by citizens and activists all across the UK, including the action group of the Romanian Diaspora in London, called Save Rosia Montana London.


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