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On 6th of April 2014, will take place simultaneously, in over 60 localities from Romania and many cities abroad, meetings and marches against ”fracking”. We will all take to the streets, villagers and city people, citizens from different ethnic groups and of different convictions, from inside and outside the country, together to protect our land, our water and air.

We ask the Parliament and the Government:
1. To legally ban hydraulic fracturing used in the exploration and exploitation of the unconventional hydrocarbons, including shale gas;
2. To cancel Government’s Resolutions (GR) which illegally approved the agreements for exploration-exploitation-development for shale gas;
3. To respect the will of the local communities and to make more transparent the process of decision making;

The protests against hydraulic fracturing have entered into a new phase. While in the village of Pungesti they prepare for the first drilling, other areas have also been leased for exploration-development-exploitation of shale gas. The hydraulic fracturing method, in its most aggressive form, starts to be secretly implemented in the classic oil and gas exploitations, to increase the productivity, but also in the explorations from the Black Sea, without any impact assessment study being made, regarding the effects of these actions on the human health and the environment.

The frenzy of the resource extraction dooms Romania to an irreversible pollution, and authorities, instead of fulfilling their duties, are rather accomplices to that. The interests of companies like Chevron, Gazprom and OMV Petrom are in the first line, and the citizens are the only ones who can sound the alarm for protecting the environment, but also for respecting the democratic principles and human rights.
The technology of fracturing has been banned in many localities and counties from 18 states of USA and in European countries like France and Bulgaria, and in Romania, the protests started two years ago ( – RO). But governors ignore the will of the people, continuing their steps for authorizing and starting the projects of exploration-exploitation, in a non-transparent way, while lacking a legal frame to regulate the extraction of shale gas, an unconventional resource that is not mentioned in the Oil Law (nr.238/2004). In this situation, the GR to approve the Oil Agreements are void. Meanwhile, in spite of the report published by the People’s Advocate, which appreciates as disproportionate the measures taken by Minister on Interior in Pungesti, the activities of Chevron continue, under the guarding of the Romanian Gendarmerie and the frightened eyes of the villagers.

Almost 100 NGO-ss and informal groups participate in organizing The National Day of Fight Against Hydraulic Fracturing, among which 70 NGO-s gathered in the Environment Coalition, Pungesti Resistance Movement, Romania Without Them Association, Uniti Salvam Community, Civic Academy from Bihor, Alive Romania Association, Association of Women from Universities, Association of Abused People from Romania, DobroGeea, National Resistance Movement, Civic Intervention Center, and also mayors and priests from the areas affected by the activities of exploration and exploitation of shale gas.
There have been launched over 10 actions in court, some of them still ongoing, with the help of pro-bono lawyers and many NGO-ss. Also, over ten scientific reports, that prove the impact of hydraulic fracturing have been collected and translated by volunteers ( – RO). The mobilization of the citizens makes a big contrast with the risible of the actual electoral political circus, the only notable activity of the political class.
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