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Organising meeting of the Romanian antifracking activists in Rosia Montana

organise - fanfest

This year at FanFest we plan to discuss various subjects, but all in strong connection to Rosia Montana and environmental protection. Fracking endangers the environment, the local communities and it destroys the possibility of a true sustainable development, in full respect for the local decision and consent.

The activists that bare the toughest battles in this field are calling on all of us to get involved:

”Friday, on the 15th of August, we will take a retrospective look to what has been done in this area, good or bad. Until now we fought our battles individually, but now its high time we coordinate our actions. Lets all meet at FanFest to identify and plan joint actions at national level. We expect all of you, as many as possible, with feasible ideas and, most of all, the belief that we can fight and win the war on fracking!” – Maria Olteanu, antifracking activist. (more…)


Chevron pulls out from Pungesti earlier than expected

Kids in Pungesti,. 16th October 2013, blocking the access of the heavy machinery who arrived at the site.

Kids in Pungesti,. 16th October 2013, blocking the access of the heavy machinery who arrived at the site.

Chevron announced today that it has finished drilling its first exploration rig in Pungesti and that it will withdrew from the village of Pungesti, which seen one of the most dire human rights situations in reaction to fracking in the whole world. The move comes one day after the peaceful protest of the 25 people from Greenpeace, coming form 7 countries, was staged, yet no connection between the two events was made so far.

Chevron was supposed to be drilling until it reached the depth of 4.000 meters, yet it withdrew after having drilled only about 3.000 meters depth. No further explanations were made by the company as to why it did not go all the way down, as proposed. The drilling was supposed to be taking 3 months, yet Chevron made the announcement 2 months and one week after its aofficial announcement of the beginning of the drilling. The activists in the area, who tried to keep an eye on the works, maintian that the drilling started earlier than the beginning of May, as the last part of the rig arrived in Pungesti on 18th of March, and the scene was all set for it to begin. An explanation of this earlier withdrawal than expected could be due to this situation which was held from people’s eyes, whatever the reasons are. (more…)

Greenpeace activists from 7 countries stage protest at the Chevron shale gas exploratory well in Pungesti

A group of 25 Greenpeace activists from seven countries on Monday staged a protest in Pungesti, at the site of the exploratory shale gas well owned by U.S. company Chevron, pressing for a ban on hydraulic fracturing for shale gas extraction, reads a release of the environmental organization on Monday.

The activists from Romania, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Germany staged a peaceful protest and declared a quarantine zone around the Chevron well, forming a human chain at the entrance of the Chevron frackingm site, and then chaining themselves to the fence surrounding the well and held up banners with the messages: “Pungesti — Anti-Chevron Quarantine Area”, “NO to Hydraulic Fracturing”, “Stop the Abuses in Pungesti!” (more…)

The Romanian antifracking campaigners hail the UNITE Labour Union antifracking motion

The Romanian antifracking campaigners are hailing the news that the biggest Labour Union in UK, UNITE, with more than 1,5 million members across the UK, has restated its support for the antifracking fight in the UK. Last Thursday, after debates and increased activity on the subject of fracking, UNITE has adopted a motion put forth by Gerard Sheridan, representing the NW region of Merseyside (area around Liverpool), seconded by Tony Staunton. The new motion is reaffirming the commitment of the UNION Labour Union in the antifracking fight put forth already in 2012, at the Unite Policy Conference.

The document is briefly summing up the dangers of fracking, underlining its possible substantioal impacts on the climate change and the aggressive pursuit of this practice in the UK, despite the growing concerns regarding fracking worldwide. (more…)