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Huge American pressures on Romania to start fracking massively at Bucharest Energy Forum

Last days, Bucharest hosted a big energy lobby event, where all the American speakers have told underlined “how threatened Romania is by Russia”, that we need to invest in a stronger army to protect us from Russia, as no army in the region will help us and, of course, to untap the ressources that we have (a speech that’s now more and more common in Romania, whenever we have guests from the other side of the ocean, and that tends to be very often lately).

In this interview in the Adevarul article, you will see what type of propaganda the Romanian people are constantly exposed to. Please note that Romania is now in the run for the presidential elections, and that all the candidates with chances of winning are more or less explicit pro-fracking. 

On top of the fact that they are talking again about huge ressources of oil and gas to be found underneath the Romanian soil, larger than what Romania extracted in the last 100 years (and Romania was among the biggest oil and gas countries in Europe), they are now speaking of extracting these ressources on the short term, as if something that’s been already sealed.

The Ex-Us Ambassador, just like his colleague ex-ambassador, Mark Gittenstein, has now come back to Bucharest to advocate for fracking, supporting his other colleagues, like Friedman, from the Stratfor and other high-profile lobbyists. Note that the Romanian very pro-fracking PM has as an advisor General Wesley Clark, who’s also in the board of BNK Petroleum, involved in fracking activities in Poland, an possibly soon in Romania, too.
“I think that the next 5 years will be a time when you will start taking advantage of what you have, but this won’t happen overnight. I don’t believe your politicians will allow this opportunity to get lost along the way. When the electorate and the citizens will understand what it is all about, and the question here needs a lot of education, they will be supportive of the companies and the government who wants to transform Romania into an energy powrr. This is your main advantage – the energy sector.
This is a starting point. You’ve got 21 million people here, they are educated, they want to work, they need good jobs and they will work hard for them. You’ve got a good army, so that you can make sure that no one will come to take this people away (this last assertion is hilareous, indeed!!! as if people woul be taken away in a visa-free environment by means of war!)

Here you can watch the whole interview with Nicolas Taubman, a piece of everyday propaganda they are pouring into people’s minds here, and that’s being largely supported by a sold out media, like this lady asking the questions in the interview and basically asking him the questions he wanted to reply.

Romania is currently heavily invaded by an army of shale and oil gas lobbyists, especially since PM Voctor Ponta, also a wanna-be president, visited the USA again and went straight to Texas, to meet with Exxon and Halliburton and beg them and other investors to come over (the two are already in Romania, already drilling and possibly also fracking) and invest more (as there are some parts of Romania that are not licensed yet).

There is a generalised climate among the high-profile politicians in Romania that this (fighting shale gas and oil) is bigger than us and that Romania cannot really do anything to prevent it. The whole generation of politicians in power, but also in the opposition, have totally surrendered, either by means of bribes, or simply by abiding the power mechanisms used by the Big Brother across the ocean.

Here is the link to the high-profile lobby-ing event that took place last days in Bucharest, which was the lauching event of a revisited concept – the New Silk Route, but reffering to energy.


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