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International media coverage


February 18
Romania – a Peasants Revolt against fracking

February 18
Peasants’ revolt – Romania at war with itself over fracking

February 4
Pungesti résiste au gaz de schiste en Roumanie –

Janauary 7
Hydraulic fracturing probably causing earthquakes near Galati Romania unconnected to Chevron fracking near Vaslui –

December 18
Over 30 people under investigation after protesting against Chevron’s shale gas exploration in Romania – Romania Insider

December 17
Rosia Montana is saved… but fractivists in Romania still under attack from Chevron – EJOLT

December 13
Pungesti: Romania’s battlefield against Chevron – Al Jazeera
Fracking, Pungesti, and the Destruction of European Democracy – Dissident Voice
December 16
Romania in Crisis: Police Violence, Political Immunity, and Environmental Discontents – Huffington Post

December 12
Pungesti, Romania: people versus Chevron and riot police – CNN
Pungesti, Romania: people versus Chevron and riot police – The Ecologist

December 8
Chevron resumes shale work in Romania despite protest – Yahoo News

December 7
Battle In Pungesti, Romania And Fight To Save Earth – Popular Resistance
Chevron halts Romania shale work after protest – Reuters

December 5
Chevron Resume Fracking in Pungesti – Protestors Violently Beaten by Officials – Huffington Post
Police remove protesters from Chevron’s fracking site in Romania – The Guardian

December 3
Romanian police ‘brutally’ remove protesters opposed to Chevron fracking – Russia Today


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