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International solidarity


Below is a list of campaign groups, NGOs and politicians that have issued statements of solidarity with Pungesti or groups that have organised actions of solidarity.

  • Campaign groups


Fracking Free Ireland – Brussels: Solidarity action on Human Rights Day, 10 December

SOS Rosia Montana Bruxelles: Solidarity action on Sunday 15 December, carol singing at Romanian embassy


Frack Free Bulgaria: Solidarity protests


Collectif Non au Gaz de Schiste: Répression policière contre des opposants à un forage de gaz de schiste en Roumanie


Ecologistas en Acción: Represión en Rumanía ante la movilización contra el fracking


SOS Rosia Montana London: street action, Sunday 8 December

Frack Free Salford and Greater Manchester: protest, Sunday 8 December

  • NGOs

Friends of the Earth Europe
Antoine Simon and David Heller from Friends of the Earth Europe, travelled to the village of Pungeşti in Romania to observe and document the village’s resistance to shale gas. The community’s stand against Chevron has become one of the front lines of the struggle against dirty energy in Europe.

European Environmental Bureau

Food and Water Watch: Solidarity rally in Washington DC and visit to Romanian embassy

Friends of the Earth UK, solidarity protest at Barton Moss, Sunday 8 December

  • Political groups & politicians

European Greens


Sabine Wils, GUE/NGL, Die Linke

Andrea Zanoni, ALDE


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  1. Anthony Makin says:

    There is nothing about this in the main stream media in the UK. Surprise surprise.
    It’s up to everyone who reads this to inform everyone they know.

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