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Antifracking protest in Western Romania – in one of Gazprom’s perimeters

protest antifrack dudestii vechi
Last Sunday, in one of the Westernmost villages of Romania, Dudeștii Vechi, the local antifracking group has organised an antifracking march, gathering, despite the thunderstorm, more than 300 people. At the beginning, when the kick off concert started, before the storm, there were 700-800 people, who were then rapidly dismanteled by the storm. After the storm, 300 brave protesters got back to the protest place, to protest against the abuses of the company who is doing seismic testing on behalf of the Serbian oil and gas company, NIS, part of the Gazprom group. Unlike Eastern Romania, where Chevron is the holder of the mineral rights, in western Romania, all along the border with Hungary, we have GAZPROM, via NIS willing to start drilling, including for shale gas, despite their constant denial that the testing is for shale gas.
They have also tried to intimidate the local community telling them that they cannot oppose to the seismic testing trucks coming on their land, threatening them that by opposing, they will simply lose the money the company is willing to pay to them and that they will do the testing anyway.
This is infirmed by a document issued by the County Council in Neamt, where there were also massive riots against the abusive seismic testing, who has admitted that the seismic testing company was doing abusively enerting people´s lands. According to the law, the seismic testing company has to get the signature of the landlords to enter their land. In practice, they have bypassed the little landlords and went straight to the city hall to get a collective permit or to the agribusiness companies, who are working the land of little landlords, and who solely hold the permission to use the land for agricultural purposes. For further purposes, they are supposed to ask for explicit permission from the landlords.
The seismic testing companies are taking advantage of the fact that the people barely know their rights in the Romanian contry side, or that they are old and easy to impress or to exert pressure on.
massive abuses are right now taking place all accross Romania due to the abusive seismic testing.

Here is a short video of the protest:


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